The Astoban Realty Group (ARG) is a boutique real estate agency and private brokerage focused on the marketing of exceptional developments in Philadelphia. Founded in 2017, ARG’s mission ensured consistent brand recognition throughout the entire value chain in real estate transaction.


ARG is an integrated division of Astoban Investments, a Philadelphia concept based developer. ARG was established to provide the best in-class capability services consistent with the Astoban brand. ARG has the flexibility to market and conduct real estate sales on behalf of third party clientele.


ARG’s advisory service is based on its agent’s in-depth knowledge of the Philadelphia market, providing analytical research reports and comparable data to ensure robust estimation of real estate market conditions.

  • Private offerings
  • Competitive Market Analysis (CMAs) reports
  • Advisory services: long-term real estate solutions, identifying, evaluating, negotiating and managing transaction process on behalf of clientele
The Astoban Realty Group is mandated to achieve long-term prosperity through product exclusivity, market differentiation and client relationship enablement.