Urban Space Development Inc (USD) is a professional Architectural, Design, and Construction Management services firm specializing in high end unique residential, hospitality and commercial projects.  The managing team has over 80 years of combined design and management experience in many facets of the design industry and has served its experience to many national as well as global projects. Our priority focus at USD has become Astoban Investments and their continuous growth in the Philadelphia market.

USD was founded on the ideology of three principles; Function, Form and Ornament; It’s Our Holy Trinity.

Our designs are contextual and eclectic. we keep abreast of the trends but do not dogmatically adhere to them. for us, form follows function but ornament is no crime. our designs develop organically, however, when we execute them, we do so methodically.

The projects we undertake typically follow the Goldilocks principle - not too large, not too small. it is to this under-serviced middle market that we attentively deliver a level of professionalism and expertise typically affordable only to large-scale development.

USD offers its clients a variety of services related to the business of defining space.  And while we tailor our services to specific needs of each client, the set of all things we do is typically delimited into three categories: feasibility, design and management. Feasibility is to customize and evaluate the practicability and cost of realizing each project based on market costs and trends. Design is our delivery of interiors, exteriors, furnishings, fixtures and a few inanimate objects that are difficult to characterize. Management is our practice to oversee and coordinate a project's various parts to ensure that it is realized on time, on budget and in accordance with the client's requirements. What's more, our experience permits us to make recommendations on design and engineering issues, assist in resolving contractual matters and evaluate proposed changes to schedule and budget.

Urban Space Contracting Group (USCG) was formed to fulfill and perform all aspects of USD’s construction projects.  This addition to the USD family has allowed full control in all facets of project development.  By controlling the contracting portion of the project, USCG is able to work alongside USD in ensuring design control, budget control as well as contract schedule adherence.  This partnership eliminates the need and reliance on contractors controlling the projects and manages the sub trades as needed to fit the project’s needs.  Cost overruns are managed through value engineering, redesign and onsite control that is otherwise left to others who can hold projects hostage as a result of this.  By implementing this partnership between USD & USCG to Astoban Investment Projects, we are able to tailor our design build model to ensure a successful delivery of design, cost and product to our customers. 

The USCG team combines many years of experience in the trade and has a level of expertise in multiple disciplines of the industry ranging from general contracting, to mechanical, electrical, plumbing and engineering.  This carefully selected team of managers has experience and proficiency in projects ranging from power plants and infrastructure, to highrise, midrise commercial and mixed use projects.

Since the Astoban Investments product is so unique and extremely high end, the attention to detail is one of the major control issues one faces in this industry.  It is for this reason as well that USCG has been designated as a key partner to this group in order to ensure that every design detail is implemented without compromise or sacrifice.

As a key partner to the USD and Astoban family, USCG has been a large aspect of the success of all our projects by carefully implementing design intent, cost control, and proper delivery of product to ensure the quality and standards the market has come to expect of Astoban Investments.